Not accepting PrivDOG & Yahoo prevent Windows from functioning Correctly

Not accepting PrivDOG & Yahoo prevent Windows from functioning Correctly

After updating Comodo I choose not to accept PrivDOG, Yahoo & the TOS of that update.
After restarting windows explorer & SysInternal software could not start at all, same for many other critical services.
Since Process Explorer is replacing the task manger on my Win-7 I could not do anything except restarting in Safe-Mode.
I try system restore and many other things but in the end had to re-Image the system disk.

Here are my questions:

[ol]- Do I have to except using PrivDOG in order for Comodo free firewall to operate?

  • In case I choose to Uninstall Comodo product can I transfer all my settings to different product?[/ol]

Personally I can’t stand Yahoo.
I don’t want ANY Ads whatsoever why should I replace my clean Ad free browser with Ads by Yahoo??
or anyone else for this matter! :-\

Hi and welcome DesignShaper,
No you do not have to install PrivDog.
During installation you need to select ‘Customize Installation’ in the bottom left corner, deselect PrivDog then go back select agree and continue the installation without PrivDog.
If you choose cancel this will shut the installation down, end result could be partial install.
BTW: PrivDog ads are not supplied through Yahoo.

Kind regards.

Tnx :slight_smile:

You are welcome, if you do re-install CIS I hope all works as intended. :slight_smile:

Nop sorry, nothing worked again!
had to re-image AGAIN…
stopped using comodo products.
Tnx for years of free service, was nearly perfect up to now.
please delete my account, my email & any other record you about me.
don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all past experience with comodo firewall, but since I don’t use it any more there is no reason for keeping this account same for you keeping any record about me.