Not able to right click and scan system volume information file, why?.

??? I did a scan with Avra today and it picked up on A trojan in C:systemvolumeinformation. I thought, lets right click and scan the file with Comodo and lo and behold it said in about 2 seconds, scan completed no files checked and no malware detected. I thought perhaps its been excluded in scanner settings somehow and looked at exclusions, nope!. Has this happened to any other member and if so how do i remidy the siuation so i can scan the single file?. I then did a full scan on high settings with Comodo and it picked up nothing, but realise it just may have missed it.


Some possible explanations.

  1. The infection is not in the Comodo Internet Security malware database yet. In which case I would strongly advise that you upload the file to: - if possible.

  2. Is the file size over 20mb? By default CIS only scans files less than 20mb.


Can you access the system restore folders when using Windows Explorer. WHen you can’t open them as described here: .

When you have access to the system restore folders try the right click scan again.

well i also had the same problem and i just tryed what EricJH said it worked! Thanks (found 1 malware)

Also why is it that COMODO realtime does not pickup system restore moving malware to system restore folders? ???

It’s a system restore point.
Some malware backed up there and won’t harm your computer.
To Delete this you should Turn off system restore then restart computer and enable again.

Sorry but wrong i have had CIS realtime block know malware running from system restore points folders

And i dont use System restore anymore i only use Comodo for backup now!

Not always. CIS is just as prone to find false positives in system restore files as Avira is.

I can do a full scan of my system with five different scanners. All of them come up clean. I create a system restore point, and low and behold! Unknown Malware (Dirty)@12370269 in the fresh restore point…

:-TU I have followed the instructions given by HeffeD and in my case it seems i had the settings too low for Scanning that single file System volume info, and when i increased the size beyond 20mb i was able to scan with Comodo and it found nothing, so it may be a case of it not being in the data base, or an Fp with Avira which can happen i understand in System Volume restore. I will do some more checks on this, but have it quarantined meanwhile. Thanks HeffeD for pointing me in the right direction.