Not able to reinstall CMF

Earlier this summer when My daughter wanted a laptop for college, I goofed. Went to do all Microsoft updates and then change her securtiy programs. I knew but forgot about the Intell SP3 bug and literally crashed the HD. Got it up and running but far far from acceptable.

It originally came with Norton and her college required that all computers that access their network use McAffe, so there was a lot of deleting.
I installed an earlier version of CFP and BoClean and Memory Firewall, Not sure when I deleted CMF but it did not cleanly uninstall.

Now when I try to reinstall CMF I get the error message

“…not all links can be deleted. Kindly delete all links manually.”
Not sure where to look or what to delete manually. In the registry many CMFD files will NOT delete. All recommendations are appreciated !

AS soon as CIS is out of beta it will be going on. I also wonder if CMF and BoClean can stay on or should be unintsalled.

Also wonder about deleting the repair file HP has on D drive, It reinstalled all the Original Software when I first attempted to fix the sp3 crash.

Any suggestions of what program to use to copy the new installation and new programs and updates, then make it a new repair file sitting on D drive. Then I will copy all photos, music, and other programs, etc.


Before the rollback in the install here is the error.
Hoped someone might be able to have some clues as what to do.

Possibly someone could copy the CMF uninstall file from and XP SP3 install of CMF to see if that works?


The word “kindly” caught my attention. A polite programmer that has some British Influence !

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Hey Doug,

There is no separate uninstaller for CMF. Uninstallation is done by running CMFCONFG.EXE with -U as a parameter.

“C:\Program Files\Comodo\Memory Firewall\cmfconfg.exe” -u

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen, Still not solved my problem of reinstalling CMF. But your command line option did temporarily work deleting the empty folder found under Program Files directory and possibly others I could not see.

1srt solved the problem of trying to use Gmail to tranfer the file from one computer to the other.
Gmail does not allow exe files to be transfered, but I used 7zip with encrypted the folder with the files. But before I was succesful each time the compressed folder was finishing it would just vanish and I would start again.
Went to Safe Mode and was successful.

Each try of trying to install CMF I would get an empty folder in the Programs directory. The error stays the same unable to delete Kindly delete all Links.

I think it is another software issue (not CMF) because I also get a error when trying to install PaintNet. With this program it leaves the folder in the Program Files directory with a Staging folder and 2 different files of PaintDotnet.

Not sure where to look tried all my registry cleaners, file cleaners, Dial A Fix, XP error checking and sfc /scannow.