Not able to install comodo security, because it thinks avast is still installed

Hellow everyone, I am trying to install comodo security software on my pc, but getting a error again and again that i have avast antivirus running on my computer, even if i have deleted avast antivirus from my computer.

It’s look like you haven’t uninstalled avast antivirus properly… I recommend you to uninstall avast anativirus with the help of avast uninstaller utillity… Follow below steps to do that

[ol]- First re-install avast product with the help of offline avast installer

  • then run avast uninstaller utillity and reboot your system.
  • Install comodo security
  • Now you are done[/ol]

Can you please give me a link to the avast offline installer, avast uninstaller utility or any article about how to uninstall avast antivirus?

Sure, Here are they…

[ol]- Avast offline installer:

Thank you very much