NoScript for Firefox

In general what do you think of it?

Do you use it? Do you think it’s a hassle to manually white-list almost every site you go to (Unless you go only to a handful of sites and \ or you only need text from most of them)? Do you use “Temporally allow top-level domains by default” option, since it lowers protection, but many sites work without further tweaking with this option?

Do you think it is worth managing scripts with NoScript, or are ABP, Ghostery, Disconnect, or ther such add-ons enough?

I use noscript on Chromodo and I love it. All the common sites I visit have already been whitelisted of course so it’s no no hassle there, on new sites I simply set the temp option so that the whitelist entry is removed when Chromodo closes. It’s very simply to allow scripts, it takes only a few seconds.

I can’t claim it’s saved me from a complete disaster (but it may have, how would I know?) but it’s so simple to use that it’s one of my best add-ons.

BTW. The only other add-on of this type that I use is ABP. I do not use PrivDog any more…

So let’s say you go to a new site and it doesn’t work properly \ doesn’t show what you want, you temp allow the domain it’s on (or it’s done automatically), and if after that the site still doesn’t show what you need, then what? Do you just turn on \ off every domain until you find one that shows you what you want, or you just hit “temporally allow all on this page”?

NoScript on Chromium based browser?
Can you please give me the extension link?

You should look at uBlock and uMatrix…these are great…
I cannot use web pages with NoScripts, uBlock and PrivacyPadger are enough enough for me :-TU

Typo? :wink:

Ahh…my mistake :smiley: It should be PrivacyBadger

I can’t find Privacy Badger for firefox, seems to be for chrome only.

Back to noscript, do you think enabling “Temporary allow top-level domains by default” lowers protection by much? It sure ups usability by much, and I heard that most harmful scripts aren’t actually on a domain you’re visiting.

Apologies, it’s actually Script Block (ScriptBlock - Chrome Web Store). Same functionality though.