Norton Worm Protection and Comodo

I’ve had some problems since installing Comodo the first time and have re-intalled Norton 2005 and Comodo. For the moment things seem copacetic. Let’s see.

However, when re-installing Norton, the program suggested turning off the Windows XP firewall to avoid conflicts. I did. But when I re-installed Comodo, I turned off the Norton Worm Protection to avoid conflicts with Comodo.

Now I don’t know if I have any worm protection at all. So, my question(s): Am I safe leaving it as is? Can I enable Norton Worm Protection without any problems? Is it better (and possible) to disable Comodo’s worm protection and go with Norton? What to do, what to do?

As explained to me, Norton Worm Protection is a “half way” firewall. It protects you from some attacks but doesn’t give you all the protection that CPF does. When I tried it , it couldn’t even pass the Shields up tests with out playing with the rules.

So, IMO it’s best to just disable it to avoid conflicts and just use CPF.