Norton password manager

How can I make Norton password manager work with CD? It is enabled but it’s not working! ???

Norton Toolbar (and Identity Safe logins) will work in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and for current most recent versions of Norton, also in Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon browser is not Google Chrome, and Symantec does not support the Norton Toolbar in Comodo Dgragon.

What a shame! That’s why Comodo Dragon is not at the top! Make it work!

I understand what you mean, since i often enjoy the login features of the Norton Toolbar’s Identity Safe. With that advantage between I.E, Firefox, and Norton Toolbar, I still use Comodo Dragon much more often than I.E. and Firefox. For heavy email sessions, I usually go to Firefox or I.E. 8\9; but for web internet exploring, forums, YouTube, I usually use C D. C D usually starts faster and loads pages faster, and we have available Web Of Trust for help with site safety guidance (download and install). Also nice Task Manager more specific than what Windows Task Manager shows.

Regarding login’s credentials, the best place to store those is in your brain’s memory, altough you could decide by your situation how safe that is in your physical environment.

I never really used password managers but since I created passwords at least with 10 mixed things it’s hard to remember them. I still manage to know some by memory.