Norton IS 2011 Resource usage test

I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about Norton being such a resource hog. I was rather confused because when sites review norton, they always say it’s less of resource hog than people say it is. Normally, I’d trust the people’s views. WOT, a few years back, made me think otherwise. So just last week, I decided to try out Norton Internet Security just for fun and see if it is what people say it is.

Remember that this is a resource usage test. Hence, it was installed on a clean system. Remember also that av’s and other programs for that matter consume different levels of resources for different systems; results may vary for every system. I am in no way affiliated with Symantec. And please remember I am not making any comparisons here. Just narrating to you what I experienced with Norton. I do not have any screenshots or anything of the like. I wasn’t planning to post this before anyway. It’s only now that I thought of posting it.

The system used was an XP SP3 AMD Sempron 2200+ 1.49 GHz with 224 MB RAM and 1024 paging file on drive d. HDD capacity for primary HD is 9.30 GB.

Installation of Norton Internet Security went smoothly. It installed within 2 minutes although it says in the GUI it takes only less than a minute. Chromium was running with 5 tabs consuming 56 MB in total so I gave it some consideration. No reboot required. It was up and running after installation. Surprisingly, the resource usage was a mere total of 15 MB for the two services it ran. :wink: Opening the GUI and it provides you with an option to optimize resource usage by Norton. I saw hardly any significant changes whatsoever although it was noticeably running smoother. The occasional lags when launching the GUI disappeared.

Scanning took only 3 minutes to complete. :o Norton scanned the drive beforehand and made a whitelist of programs installed cutting down the scan time. Usually, scans take for over an hour, even for quick scans. And Norton made a full system scan in 3 minutes, all the while consuming only a total of 42 MB of memory. Playing games then running a scan, some impact on the system was definitely there, but after 4 minutes or so (got so engorged in the game, I forgot) the total resource consumption was back to 12 MB.

Shutdown slowdowns were hardly noticeable. A mere 2second increase. Start-up was more noticeable with 5 seconds delay. After configuring Norton to delay itself in the miscellaneous settings (i think), Start-up was as if I had never installed an av. :o

If Norton should consume enough resources (which is rather awkward and funny for me really :D) or any other program for that matter, it will notify the user to verify the program’s validity.

To conclude, Norton isn’t the resource hog people say it is. At least in my system that is. Even when playing games, I could hardly notice it at all.

NIS 2010 and 2011 are both really nice. Neither are as black as some have painted them with respect to resource usage.

True. I believe many people comment on Symantec’s products without even trying it at all. So sad. Whenever I read such reviews, I feel as if the world is getting dumber and the dumber by the second. Scary as hell. It’s worse than the end of the world. :o