Norton Internet Security 2013 review

Norton needs to improve there zero day a lot but it least didn’t let in a rootkit. btw i was worry at the time that Norton made had let in a rootkit in during the zero day potion of the test.

You did it backwards and incomplete (no offense my friend) :wink:

You started scanning for rootkits with Malwarebytes and then HitmanPro.
Then you started good with the latest version of CCE 2.5 and never actually scanned the infected system.

CCE is well known for being very effective against rootkit.

So, let me advice you to ALWAYS start scanning with CCE.
And then you can continue with Malwarebytes and HitmanPro.
Let CCE do the hard cleaning first than any other. You wont be disappointed.
And believe me, you will have fun.