Norton Identity Safe FREE

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager that makes logging into your favorite web sites easier, faster and more secure.

Download by October 1, 2012 and enjoy it FREE of charge forever. No strings attached.

P.S I did myself I like it :slight_smile:

how is this better then lastpass, does it offer two factor authentication?

Comparison with LastPass based on very quick usage of Norton:

Norton Identity Safe

Free forever if you sign up now
Free mobile apps
Good looking UI
“Safe Web” takes advantage of Nortons database of known good and bad sites

No multifactor authentication
No sharing
Nothing similar to LastPass’ Identities
No secure notes templates
(con for me) Social Sharing menu (just comes off as free marketing)
Poor password generator integration
No Security Challenge
Limited importing
Limited options/preferences
No onscreen keyboard
You must have plugin installed, appears you do
Don’t see clipboard erase

Cons to me: the Android app is only available for US users (blocked into Google Play servers).
Why Symantec can do the good for free only once…?


Who ever said on the first place that it was better? But for me I won’t trust my passwords to some lastpass way too doggy with no rep…

last pass has been around for a while and is not even integrated into webroot. LastPass - Wikipedia