Norton Antivirus & Antivirus in Norton Internet Security?

Norton Antivirus & Antivirus in Norton Internet Security are different? i.e few options are greyed out like auto-protect, etc in Norton Antivirus which are available in Antivirus in NIS?

Is this correct or it was a corrupt install here?

If correct then I find it little strange that Norton AV doesn’t provide the full protection available in Norton AV included in NIS.


Could possibly some features overlap ?

Doubt the recent break in to Symantec’s code could be involved this soon.

But this link I found in a Kim Kommando Tech Newsletter also refers to the break again and warns users about another of Symantec’s Products.


:slight_smile: Hi Naren. The main difference i think with Norton internet security to the anti virus version is it has a firewall and anti spam they both use the Norton sonar which is a behavior type blocker.Other than that and a few small bits and pieces here and there Nortons app is the same in terms of detection, the last time i checked it out,.

Last time i tested it it identified some items from Mdl as safe when they were malware and remember that although it has the sonar and a pretty decent detection rate…the old zero day malware will get through eventually, its just a matter of time…same with Emisoft antimalware and G Data all amongst the best in detection but with behavior blockers that will and do let stuff through not detected signature wise by the main app…more often in my opinion than av…Hips…Sandbox based solution…and yes i know Cis has let the odd one in too, its about reducing the overall risk and i think personally in terms of keeping the nasties out Cis will remain my app of choice… and it can only get better when version 6 comes around i am sure.


In Norton Antivirus few important security are greyed out.

I checked the settings & also set it to default but they were greyed out.

I checked NAV with malware on realsystem. I executed 10 malware which NAV dont detect. There was no analyzing thing & all the malware went through. Analyzing thing i.e in the right hand corner a small window pops up & analyzes the file. Net was connected & working fine.

:slight_smile: Hi Naren. There we are then, just like i said you cannot rely on Signatures and even behavior blockers, you tested the signatures of Norton Anti virus and its sonar blocker and voila! the malware got through. I am surprised all of them did, would have expected Nav to catch something.

I have no doubt what the result would be if you tested it on Cis, unless the malware included something like that which has bypassed it…still as rare as hens teeth in comparison to the more traditional apps.I honestly believe that in terms of protection Cis/ Avast with their sandboxes and Hips in Cis in addition to signatures is the most effective way of keeping malware out, short of using sandboxie and similar, which i run alongside Cis to catch the very rare hens tooth malware that comes along now and then.