North Queensland Cyclone Yasi.

To anyone that is in North Queensland or that has friends or relations there.
Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all there.
Devastated by the worst floods in 35 years and now you have Yasi (Category 5) cyclone to contend with.
Mother nature can be cruel.
Please take care and be safe, we are all concerned for you all. :frowning:

Keeping my fingers crossed for y’all over there…

Well I’m from Sydney and I have friends who lived very near to Cyclone Yasi and I had an SMS today that he okay, and he still worried about the house :-\

You can’t keep a good Queenslander down - except at State of Origin time. :wink:

Fingers crossed that the recovery is quick and your lives get back to some degree of normalcy. You’re in our prayers.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Man this world is getting worst and worst…
From corruption in Egypt to … hmm idk what to choose from there are so many things going bad…

Well, I don’t know hope everyone stays safe!
It’s supposed to get really worst in the upcoming years…


Our thoughts are with you all in Queensland. :-\

Almost 200 000 people are without energy there. It is really hard time for them.
I hope they will rebuilt very soon. Highest God help everybody in Australia and also everybody who needs help all over the world.

Thanks for helping in showing your concern to everyone that posted.

With the possibilities, it is a worry for our children and their children and so on.