Normal Behavior? [Resolved]

Is it normal behavior for Comodo BOClean 's BOC425.exe to spike the cpu 3% ever 12 seconds. I wouldn’t consider 3% to be a bad spike but i am not sure if this is normal behavior. Everything seems to be getting along but not sure if anyone else can confirm this behavior. I thought BOClean stays dormant until a Trojan executes.

Win XP Home:SP2

Resident apps:
Comodo Firewall 2.4
Avast 4.7 Home edition: Webshield, Standard shield
BOClean 4.25
SpywareTerminator 6 shields enabled plus HIPS

Hi Becho,

Yes, this is normal behavior.
CBOClean monitors every program as it starts up/loads in memory. which is good.
But even better. Every 10 seconds or so it takes a peek at the state of the memory.
Sort of a comparative snapshot I assume.
Which protects you from malware that would inject itself into an already running program.
Hijacking the process.

Later, Bad

Cool, thanks man! I didn’t feel like doing a reinstall.[Resolved]

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