[Noobquestion] Why using Comodo Disc Encription

Hi there,

I’m new to comodo software. I got Internet Security recommended by a friend.

Now my first question is: Why using Comodo Disc Encryption? Are there any advantages over TrueCrypt which is also free and opensource, or Bitlocker which is developed by a leading but untrustful company? How’s the speed comparing to the others? Which encryption standard is used?

Thanks in advance for answers.

PS: please forgive my bad english. I’m glad Internet Security has a german translation :slight_smile:

AES is the standard encryption algorithm used, both TrueCrypt and Bitlocker support 256 bit AES encryption. I have used both TrueCrypt and Bitlocker, I don’t have any reason to not recommend TrueCrypt, but I do have convenient reasons to recommend Bitlocker. Both supports the newer aes instruction set, so both utilize your hardware to encrypt if it is available. Bitlocker allows you to store your key on a usb, I’m not sure if TrueCrypt allows it. This is more convenient, not safer, but more convenient.

Speaking of security, not many people understand encryption security. Encrypting important data like passwords, bank data and any other sensitive data should be done using clean xor encryption. Xor encryption (when applied properly) is unbreakable. AES for example, is not unbreakable. Despite what people think about xor encryption, they don’t understand it. The reason it can not be used in public organizations is because the key has to be the size of the data, if you have 1 GB of data, the key must also be 1 GB, and it is impossible for any public organizations to deal with that, xor encryption is inconvenient, but it is the safest.

If you apply xor encryption properly, it is 100% unbreakable. Not just practically unbreakable, it is also theoretically unbreakable. AES encryption on the other side is practically unbreakable, but not theoretically unbreakable.

I recommend you use well planned xor encryption for all of your small sensitive text files and keep the large key on a usb stick, if you do, they will never be recovered by anyone, not in 100 sextillion years, not ever, it is completely and utterly unbreakable.