None of the browsers work in Sandbox

Hope someone can help get this sorted.

New build of computer. Win7-64 Ult. 32Gigs ram.
Security: COMODO Firewall, Eset Nod-32 8, MBAM.

IceDragon w/ Comodo DNS
Dragon v36 (v42 wont run)
Chrome 64bit
FF Nightly 64bit
IE 11 64bit

All work outside the Sandbox.
None work inside defeating the entire purpose.

Same error message: “This page cannot be displayed”
Except for IceDragon’s "IceDragon can’t find the server at

Firewall setup based on CruelSister1 videos
Unknown programs are properly snared and run in the sandbox as does everything else when right clicked “Run in COMODO Sandbox” but maddeningly, not the browsers.
I am using TorGuard DNS but why should that effect the Sandbox.

Any insight?


I’d examine DNS configuration within the sandbox.

That all of those browsers are failure is a huge clue…

Somthing ain’t right with DNS in the Sandbox…

Here is your solution.;msg811171#msg811171