Non-existent web protection


I do not understand why there is no development on the web protection module.
This is a very important part of a security suite.
In the case of an infected web page, it is only the antivirus that will work.
I had to go through an additional software to complete CIS.
Will this module be improved?

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Online Security Pro
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Description of the
Online security against malware, phishing and malicious websites.


Online Security Pro is not really a real web protection that analyzes all that goes through the web and works regardless of the browser. It’s just an extension.
It’s better than nothing, but I had to add K9 for more effective protection.
This is missing at CIS.

I found that on 2 computers under Win7, the reaction at the level of websites was not the same.
The only difference is in the Windows updates.
I think there is a blocking of the Comodo web module. On the other hand, difficult to determine the update that creates conflict.
Win7 Pro 64Bits