Nod or avira

Could someone tell which product is the culprit for slowing down my laptop? Laptop 1 CIS 3.8, ST no hips, Nod32 v4, Opera everything much slower than laptop 2. L2 CIS 3.8, Avira 9 free, Boclean, Firefox. My feeling is cis & nod could be clashing.

CIS and NOD have clashed before. What is running when the system slows down? Do you have the CIS AV enabled also?
Disable CIS, ST, NOD, Avira, abd BOClean. Enable CIS first, try that, then add applications one at a time to find what is slowing down your system.
report back, please.

Laptop 2 works well CIS 3.8, Boclean, Avira! Why abandon boclean is that day near? My other laptop of CIS 3.8, Nod & ST is the prob if I go into TM nod is constantly using 46000 kb & tuneup utilities states its a resource hog. I’ll do a quick check in meantime to see which slows pc when I load them. No I have just one av installed nod.

BOClean is being incorporated into CIS with the next release.
Keep a copy if you wish BOClean a separate utility.

Yes I know bocleans future. It,s def nod & cis clashing but what to do I know not. I,ve excluded cis from nod scanning speede things up a little. I may also uninstall ST to speed things up a bit more though does nod need a bit of help on the spyware front?

I don’t use and have never used NOD, so I am unable to answer that question for you. Maybe one of the other users can shed some light here?



I have been using Comodo and NOD32 forone year without any problem. When I have other security applications (antispyware programs, firewall…) I always add them to the exclusion list of NOD (Settings → Advanced settings → Exclusions → and add a path of the program). Maybe this can help you. :slight_smile:

I’m using CIS 3.8 (AV enable) + nod32 v2.7. I don’t feel slow down of my computer with the following setting;

  1. exclude both CIS and nod32’s program directories from each other’s on-access scan engine.
  3. I just activate scan on “create” on nod32

Should I exclude the entire folders of cis & ST in nod or just the exe’s?

Note that anything on the exclusion list in CIS is still scanned. Alerts are just suppressed if anything is detected.

I usually exclude the whole folder or at least the folders/files for virus signature files. They cause FPs easily in other virus detection programs.

Done that bit faster but not as fast as cis avira boclean. Thanks