No warning email on subscription expiry?????????

When the free usage period for cCloud expires there is no warning, no email, no nothing (particularly no files).

Surely it would be both common sense and common decency to advise the user their subscription is about to expire so the user can either A) renew or B) retrieve THEIR files before it expires.

Ewen :o

Well, Ewen, here in Germany the “cloud”-soundalike word “klaut” has got a similar meaning as “steals”, so it obviously just does what it’s supposed to do. :wink:

Just joking. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right, there SHOULD be an expiration warning.

Cheers, REBOL.

thats really bad.
i don`t know who had a brain fart to allow this to happen.
on it.

Yeah…once I’ve tried to login and it says my subscription has expired and to gain access to my files I have to renew it :o Fortunately I haven’t got any important files there, so I even hadn’t come here to open a topic…that’s too much >:(

LOL - brain farts are unfortunately universal. Open the windows, air the room and have a good scream.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve been a user of Comodo 5GB Free storage since the beginning :o Just gone to log into my Cloud Account only to be told my subscription has expired!!

Followed the link to “Renew Subscription” and the lowest is for 100GB which is far to excessive for my needs :cry:

Are we going to get the 5GB ( or 10GB ;D ) free back or has it all change now to a fully paid for service? If so can we have a smaller GB storage available?


Thanks for getting “on it” so quick - look forward to the response :slight_smile:

Any news on what’s happening with this?

Ewen :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the feedback. Since June 1 we are sending a notification to all our free Cloud users that their account will expire. This notification is sent 15 days before the expiration date. If anyone needs access to their files but do not want to upgrade, simply send us an e-mail to and we’ll extend access for an additional month. We will also send you a special offer with up to 30% discount for those interested in upgrading the service.

Kind regards,

Comodo Team