No valid license again...

It seems to count minutes even if you don’t use it… :cry:
I haven’t tried it for a while now, and I have not had the process running, still my license have expired.
We got more minutes this time, but now it says that your 30 day trial has expired… ???
It’s not easy to test this alpha software when you have to beg for some extra time, every time you intend to test it… ::slight_smile:

Should be working now… Please try.

Now I was able to download the UA server again.
I will try it out.

how is the speed like?
compared to others like gotomypc etc

It feels like the speed has improved. It’s usable, but I wouldn’t cry if it got faster… ;D
It’s about a one second delay i think.
It had some issues.
When I transfered a file the remote screen went black until the file transfer was finished.
When starting a new remote control, the remote PC has no wallpaper, but if you remote restart that PC, it will have a wallpaper.
I also would like to be able to scroll with my mouse.
The viewer expires when you reboot the remote PC, so you have to download a new viewer every time. It should be possible to reboot remote PC without having to download and install a new viewer.
The UA host failed to start one time.
The UA host freezed one time.
Both these where on a fresh install of XP pro.

I had the same issues with wallpapers on XP, however this issue did not occur on my Windows 2000 test. Wonder why ???

Now the UA doesn’t start when I boot the XP home PC, but it might be the firewalls fault. It popped up alerts a while after I had closed the “can’t start UA” sign.
I’m using v. …126 beta of CFP and it can’t remember too much, so it might not be a UA problem.
I really like this idea, to be able to give support and/or work from a distance.
Going through a secure server is nice as long as users can trust the security of the company/server. It feels good that it is a security company (Comodo) that have this software/server, than some other “non security” company. Comodo has to continue to build their TRUST with their customers. They have succeeded with that so far. ;D

thanks Hakan

pls keep trying the UA to give us your valuable feedback…

we very much appreciate it.