No "Treat this application as ... Email client"

Everything is working fine here with the newest version of CIS (3.9.81003.508) with the exception of the problem that CIS has with “Treat this application as Email client”. The selection disappears from the drop down menu in the warning popup after the first run. The first time after install the selection is there but after that it is gone. To make things worse although the application (WLM in my case) is on the list after manual input and it is classified as email client with all the rights of an email client the CIS is still refusing to recognize it and it always asks for the permission.

I remember this being a problem (at least for me) for a long time. I reported it a couple of versions back and a member of this forum tried to help but everything failed. It would seem that the problem is still present. Could anyone from the development team look into this please? I noticed the same problem on every computer including virtual machines. The “email client” should not disappear from the drop down menu at all no matter what application is triggering the warning popup.


I can confirm this. I deleted my rules for Outlook and let is check for mails. In the dialogue box there was no mentioning of the email profile.

I could change to the email profile under Application Rules.

I will move this to the bug section.

Everything seems fine here with CIS 3.9.???.509. Also I didn’t notice this issue with CIS 3.9.???.508.
You do know that this drop down menu is intelligent and by design shows only these predefined policies which actually have an answer for raised alert, right?

I don’t think it is intelligent at all since when I start WLM the only entry that is missing is for the email. Besides, when any program asks for the access to the Internet all the entries are there with the exception of the “email” one. So it would seem that those are the “predefined” entries present no matter what program triggers the alert. That is what I observed over time so I’m pretty sure it is not intelligent.

And even if it was intended for it to be “intelligent” then it would be much easier and practical to not let a program (CIS) choose which entries to show since I hardy believe that any program can choose correctly… and this is one of many examples. Many programs can send an email, for example, but they can be hardly classified as email programs.

What I believe is that there is a problem in that particular part of CIS and all I’m asking is for someone from the Comodo tech team to take a look into this whenever they get some time. And as would seem I’m not the only one to have this small problem.


It looks like a bug to me. (:NRD)