No traffic animation effects

This seems as cosmetic issue, but it may indicate broken configuration or even broken firewall installation, so I wish to clear up this: despite I have the “Turn traffic animation effects on” option checked, the tray icon stays static all the time even when the computer apparently sends/receives large amounts of data. I’d like to know how to resolve the issue, thanks.

Hi Bucky Kid,

Thank you for reporting, we are checking this.

Hello, the issue seems had been consequence of damaged CIS installation or configuration. There cumulated more issues somehow tied to CIS

  • tray icon not animating network traffic or showing no bitmap at all
  • permanent high CPU usage caused by CIS service after more days of uptime
  • messy policy rules obeying, having filtering of loopback traffic active, several allowed applications were blocked from all internet access, while other applications having blocked app preset assigned were evidently connecting outside, possibly due to somehow bypassing their rules through loopback zone.
  • many duplicate entries in webpage filtering exception list, unable to be removed
  • HW conflicts with other software (eg. VirtualBox guests with virtual interfaces in network bridge mode crashing on boot)
  • CIS central control panel unable to detect new versions

By complete uninstall and new install of latest version all the issues were removed except applications having blocked app preset assigned still can access internet, and the high CPU usage issue which isn’t yet confirmed to be gone. If the performance issue comes out persisting, I’ll post back (the diagnostic package based on SlowIo2.bat received from Comodo did always crash on launch)