No Time/Date Stamp on Fax. Why not?

I just signed up. Sent myself the first fax and noticed that there is no time/date stamp on actual page received.

Am I doing something wrong?

Quwen Said:

You know, you could add the timestamp yourself at the end of your message.

MURCO replies to Quwen:

What good is that?

That would make it part of a sender’s fax statement. I only sent myself a fax to test it. I don’t make a living sending myself faxes.

When I receive a fax that may have legal ramifications, there is no time/date stamp. On top of that…there is no sending phone number stamp.

Unless I’m doing something wrong using this service, this is not a real fax for all intents and purposes.


You know, you could add the timestamp yourself at the end of your message.

Faxes received through TrustFax are legal documents. Trustfax records information about every fax and stores that information in an audit log attached to the fax.
The audit log includes date and time received as well as all information about the fax while in your account such as when it was viewed, faxed or emailed to another receiptient from trustfax, moved from your trustfax account inbox to the folder in the filing cabinet and renamed.
The audit log is accessed from your trustfax account by clicking in the info icon located to the right of the fax under the column called audit log.
It is useful to take advantage of the free account inbox and filing cabinet in every trustfax account to store faxes and the accompaning audit log. All faxes are stored in trustfax as encrypted files for security and can only be accessed by your username and password.
The trustfax filing cabinet allows to create folders so the you can store and organize files and faxes online. Your filing cabinet allows you to upload (copy into trustfax) any type of file for safekeeping or as a way to access the file from an Internet connection.

Well, it took you guys a while to reply to my post…

but I’m glad to be wrong!

I look forward to using your service this year.


Thank you.