no threatcast rating is available at the moment

I’ve just UNINSTALLED CIS 3.x and installed Comodo Internet Security 4.

In version 3, threat cast stopped working a few weeks ago.

Under 4, I continue to get the message “no threatcast rating is available at the moment”

I’m posting this because the newest posts on this issue are rather old and appear to apply to an older version.

Do I need to open a port in my router or something?

Any troubleshooting info available?

Or, is Threatcast actually down?

Does the message “no threatcast rating is available at the moment” indicate that the particular program is not in the database, that threatcast is not available at the moment, or that I can’t communicate with threatcast?

I installed CIS V4 a few weeks ago, and subscribed to threatcast, but so far I have not received a single threatcast rating. It rarely worked when I had CIS 3 installed.

I suspect that threatcast has a low priority right now, and their attention is focused on improving/fixing the more important aspects of CIS. Hopefully, threatcast will be working for all of us in the near future.

I am not sure what is going on with threatcast. Perhaps a developer can comment.

Threatcast has always been an issue… :frowning:

This is why I’m extremely skeptical about the cloud aspects of 4.x. (I’m not running 4.x yet) If they can’t even keep Threatcast up, does this bode well for any sort of cloud technology functioning as it should?

Threatcast is our problem child as you may have noticed. It is not not quite, to say the least, functioning. It may be best to assume it is only working part of the time.

I have seen many Threatcast ratings with v4.

I think we’ll just recommend not using Threatcast. It’s not worth the hassle of always wondering what’s going on with it and, the reliability of the threatcast service brings into question the value and accuracy of the threatcast recommendations - if we ever actually see any.