No "system" item in application control rules

Have re-install the firewall for one beta to the current version.
And… I don’t see any activity from the item previously marked as “system”,
only svhost and my application are seen.
That looks suspicious :o every time before the “system” was reported by
Have selected “advanced” (or custom or what it is named :)) while the first
Are there some “hidden” components, where I cannot see from the (empty)
component and application (filled with svhost, firefox, hamster etc apps) monitor
Regards - Gotfryd

You might try this: Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and uncheck the box, “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo.” Then move the Alert Frequency slider up to High or Very High. Reboot.

This will obviously get you a lot of popups (you can undue these changes at any point you desire), but you should see everything that occurs.

Hope that helps,


I’ve got the same problem of gotfryd.
And not only the System process in invisible, but even my printer spool process.
Little Mac, I’ve try with your suggestion, but the problem persist.
Greetings to everyone.

I guess it’s possible that due to software/configuration changes, there may be a change in how the “system” is being reported. In other words, what you previously saw as “system” in CPF may now fall under “services” or “svchost”. By way of example, I’ve attached a screenshot from mine, taken by Process Explorer. You will note that Services, Svchost, and print Spooler are all listed under System.

CPF may be reading it in that order, as well. BTW, watcher, my print spooler doesn’t show in CPF, and never has. It’s not connecting to the internet (or intranet, for that matter), so it’s really a non-issue from that perspective.

You can create an Application rule for system processes (ie, svchost.exe, services.exe, etc), and under the Miscellaneous tab of the App rule, make sure you check “Ask” for invisible connections. That may show those as well, if you’re not seeing things you think you should be.