No sound in sandboxed Opera browser

When sandboxed opera browser I lost all sound from websites. Some site( like, can still play flash, but no sound came out.

Sound works fine in window. Sound also ok in Opera when NOT sandbox. I’m on a HP laptop and i use IDT high def. audio driver.

Your settings for sandboxed app (Opera in this case) is very strict.
Try to make them a little bit softer…

Please add all information as required for a bug report and described in IMPORTANT: HOW TO SUBMIT BUGS (read this if you want them fixed).

Make sure to add what version of Opera and Flash player you are using.

Bug Report system info:

1.Intel Core i7 Q720 [at]1.60GHz
2. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
3. Comodo Firewall with Defense+ and Sandbox enabled with Avast antivirus.
4. Opera browser does not make any sound when running in the sandbox.
-I put Opera in the sandbox while through the “Add a Program to the sandbox” in the Sandbox Menu with limited access
5.I tried resolving it by switching to ALL the different restriction levels, but there was still no sound.
6.Both firewall and defense+ is in Safe mode.
8. I am running on Standard account in windows 7 with UAC enabled.

+CIS (Firewall and Def+ only package) version 4.1.150349.920
+Opera version 10.61
+Flash version 10,1,82,76

Please edit your post and add the version number of CIS. After that I will move it to the bug board.:slight_smile:

Edited. Thank you Eric. :smiley: