No Sort or Search possible in File List Purge window.

V12.2.2.8012 (Firewall only) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (clean install with all MS-updates)

When choosing “Purge” in the “File List” window it is not possible to sort the shown invalid files on the purge list by “File path”.
Also, in the same window, it is not possible to search for an invalid file on the purge list as there is no “Magnifying Glass” on the “File path” bar.

The invalid files on the Purge list is unsorted and files appear in random order. This makes it hard to find specific files on the purge list prior to executing “Purge”.

Sorry but I don’t understand your request and need.

If you select all files, top left, and click on “Purge” CIS will delete all invalid entries by itself. Is this not enough ?

You don’t have (and there is no need) to select all files, top left, before selecting Purge.
Purge always parses the whole File List to find files on the File List which are no longer existent on the system and presents those files on the Purge List and asks the user if it is ok to remove these non-existent files from the File List.

Normally one would just hit the OK button on the Purge List if one doesn’t bother what non-existent files get removed from the File List.
For sanity check reasons it is good to have a sorted Purge List so that it is easy to see what files get removed from the File List, a search function (the “Magnifying Glass” in the “File path” bar) would also be helpful in this.

Hi CISfan,

Thank you for reporting, we will report this to team and update you.

Agree, seems previously in multiple occasions rules became bugged when hidden changes happened:
least harmful of them could be accidental purge of masked rules “X:\folder1\folder2*”

to avoid this, general way of reviewing pending changes before apply may be useful.

it would be useful to have the same data as in the file list: company, date of first observation