No Signee on Digital Signature


I just set up the free COMODO email certificate to work with Thunderbird (over Gmail on Windows 10), and since I don’t yet know anyone who uses a mail client with encryption, I sent myself an email to test it. Everything looks good except that the “Signed by:” field is empty on the digital signature. I thought I would see the name I used on the certificate application (my real name). I was just wondering if that’s normal for the free certificate or if something went wrong with the application/installation process. Maybe it’s just a known issue with my client/mail server/OS. Thanks.


Having looked around the forum and at some of the other security products, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that my issue has to do with licensing. Looks like you can pay $16.36/yr for a true Personal Authentication Certificate that would probably be signed with your real name. Makes sense, since anybody (even businesses) could request the free certificate and put “Whatever Corporation” on there and have a free corporate email certificate. Still a great free product, but it would be nice if someone could confirm this for me. Thanks, again.

The free certificates indeed do not include the real name, even though you gave this in the application process.
This makes sense because Comodo did not check your real name, they did check your email address by sending you an email and seeing if you could react on it.
The application which says Signed by: {empty} seems not very smart to me.
I use Outlook, and that says Signed by: {email address}, which makes much more sense.

Oh, I just saw your sceendump, and there indeed is the email address, just a line lower.