No sandbox on a new Windows XP install ?


I just installed the latest CIS (both the free and the 30 days trial pro versions) on a fresh install of Windows XP x64 and I see there is no Sandbox as shown in the installation guides at I also notice that these versions of CIS were published in April this year just when the Windows XP support has ended. Is there any connection between the absence of the sandbox and the end of XP support or it is pure coincidence ? If these two are related then it is just weird since I saw the Sandbox working on old installs of XP which were updated to use the latest version of CIS.

Anyone has any clues about the absence of the Sandbox on my fresh XP x64, please?


Sadly Windows XP x64 is not fully supported. I realize that the main page says that Windows XP x64 is supported, but there have been a few bug reports which showed that it is not as far as the sandbox is concerned. I believe it still works well (but don’t take my word on that), but that it is not configurable.

If someone else knows more than me about whether the protection is still the same please reply to this topic.