No Response From Comodo Tech Support Re: Public Network

I have been using my laptop computer on a public network (in a hotel) for several days, it appears that I am not connecting to the Internet via Trustconnect because I don’t know my Username and/or Password. (The Username and Password that I have are not working.) I have sent several tickets to Comodo asking for help ASAP but have not gotten any response to any of them. I continue to use my computer on a public network apparently with no protection. (I say “apparently” because I am able to engage Trustconnect when I click on the icon on my computer’s desktop and chose “connect” and get a green box on the Trustconnect icon in the system tray, when a connection is made to the Internet I get a dialogue box asking me if I want to connect via Trustconnect or “unsecured,” I have to chose “unsecured” because if I chose Trustconnect, I am asked for my Username and Password and I don’t have the correct ones.

If anyone can suggest a solution to this problem I will appreciate it.

I should mention that I went to My Account on the Comodo website and got the password shown there but it does not work when I enter enter it when I try to connect to the Internet using Trustconnect. (My Username is my e-mail address.)