No report after "cleaning"

As I clicked a link a while ago, the anti virus reported that I had been infected with a trojan. It asked whether I wanted to attempt to clean it myself, I clicked yes. Then I clicked “clean”. Then there was nothing. Does that mean it successfully removed the trojan? Or should there have been a notification saying it succeeded?

Are you using the COMODO Internet Security Premium? Because i have that and it wont start because of the error connecting to the database.

Please check your quarantine and see if the file is in the quarantine.

Your problem is very likely unrelated to Sinkkipuu’s question. Please check your topic. I have responded.

I have been having trouble logging in. After about ten tries on different days, finally succeeded.

Anyway, the trojan is indeed in the quarantine. However, I got another one after it (where do all these come from all of a sudden?), did as before, and it was NOT found in the quarantine. I then ran a full scan of my system drive (where the trojan should be, I think), and the anti virus found nothing. Maybe it had deleted the file when I had clicked “clean”?