No pop ups

I have installed V 20 on my new Vista Machine (also SWT and AVG AV)
I hardly seem to get any popups at all.
Defense+ and firewall are in Train with safe mode.
For example I just installed Kodak Easyhare from the Web and got no popups at all SWT had lots.
How can I check that this is OK?

You will not get pop ups for programs that are white listed. Also the firewall should be on “train with safe mode” and D+ should be on “clean pc mode”. If you install something or run something uncommon you should get alerts. You can also raise your level of security so you get warnings for everything but who wants that.

Wow. Usually people complain about getting pop-up, but this is the first time someone complains because they don’t get any :stuck_out_tongue:
And like Vettetech said, if they’re whitelisted, you won’t get any pop-ups for them (that’s the point). So follow his advice and change the mode for Defense+.


Its funny people complain about too many pop ups and then others complain about none.

Its just paranoia, everyone has that.
I just did the Vista SP1 upgrade and only got one Warning Pop up.
On the otherhand SWT had to re-learn (wearing out my clicking finger) just about everything that Vista did.

Hi Steve,this may be the “Trusted Software Vendors” and the fact the files where digitally certificated by microsoft.

I may be wrong,but it could explain it.

Regards Matty