No place to paste the .ca bundle in cpanel

Okay so here’s the problem,

We just renewed our SSL certificate. Comodo sent us the zip file containing a .crt file and a .ca-bundle file. So next I go check our the knowledge base and find a set of instructions for cpanel/wma,
I think “great we’re on cPanel” however when I looked at the instructions it appears to be for WMA only.
It says there is a place to paste the .crt and the .ca-bundle files while in cPanel there is no place to paste the bundle. What should I do?


So I ended up calling COMODO and they gave me a couple of clues. One trick is to paste both the .ca-bundle file and the .crt file in the single window; however when I tried this it didn’t seem to work. In the end I just e-mailed our hosting company and they installed the certificate directly.