No option for not trusting digitally signed applications

I wonder why this option has been removed! It doesn,t make any sense to me.

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I think malware can get fake signatures from trusted vendors and could exploit Comodo

Yes. And could fake other antivirus also. I hope avast reconsider its policy. Although a very few signature vendors are trusted in avast, not any signature.

Good catch. I can only assume this is a bug.

Also see:

It’s a new feature ;D (Let’s hope not)

It is not. IT is removed. Trusted vendors are always going to be there.

How will cis protect against fake,stolen,borrowed,imaginary or any other bogus digital signature/

CIS downgrade, going backwards… ??? It’s so difficult keep the option for the people that want it? or this option create any conflict?

This remember me to the “disable firewall” by default when CIS v4 was release.

Is this part of moving the TVL to the cloud? Does switching to Paranoid still override the TVL?

Well a lot of users are disabling it and causing CIS to sandbox entire windows or prevent false positive defense etc.

You can use Paranoid mode if you want to see alerts.

removing the possibility for the user to have the choice to don’t trust a vendor is not a bug ?
In this case, I think it is the worst idea of Comodo for a long time. I have never ticked this option (and I never will). Even if the digital signature of a program is valid, this does not mean that I’m ready to blindly trust all software published by a company.

So because some noob users are playing with the settings without knowing what are they doing the solution is remove features.
Instead add things from the wishlist the developers remove useful feautures. Good Work Comodo :-TD :-TD
Maybe an alert telling the user that is better dont uncheck the option if he dont know what is he doing will be a solution

If you dont trust a software company, just remove it from the trusted vendors list. You can achieve the same functionality with more work.

If you want alerts, dont worry. CIS will surely make you happy and show as many as you want if you put it to the mode.

a suggestion: you could add a button “remove all” in the software vendors list. This should satisfy everyone (or it would be at least a good compromise).

Enough. Thanks egemen. The movement makes technical sense.

I don’t like not to have a choice when it comes to using TSVL.

I find it strange to adapt to the lower common denominator that starts messing the default settings. That’s what the forums are for. I see no need to nanny people willing messing with the defaults. We will help them here at the forums.

So you mean in paranoid mode digitally signed applications will not be trusted? If so, then it might be OK.

BTW there is no option to remove Comodo from trusted vendors. Also I think we need an option to select and remove multiple vendors at once rather than one by one.


Yes. Paranoid mode will get approval for everything. Whether it is afe or not.