No notifications when using RDP

I have two issues with Comodo Firewall when I am logged in with Remote Desktop.

  • When logged in remotely, no firewall events show up in the firewall event log. Firewall events are only logged when I am using the computer from the physical console.

  • No firewall balloon messages are shown when logged in remotely. Therefore I am not able to allow or block new applications this way.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem since v2 and with v3 it’s not fixed.
But I have a solution not a very good one but it works.

What you need to do is login with rdp then close Comodo from the system tray(rdp pc) and then restart it, now you get the notifications and the animations back on.
You have to do this every time after a reboot(from the rdp pc)

I’m hoping they can fix it. (:AGY)
Please help us to get rid of the problem so we don’t have to restart comodo after every reboot. (:WIN)
But what i’m not sure of if it is a windows problem of a comodo problem.
So maybe someone can tell us that?

I’ve submitted a bug report about this issue.