No notification after reboot

I switched off my PC 2 nights ago while in shield mode. When I switched it back on next morning I completely forgot that it was in shield mode as the wallpaper had reverted back to my standard one and there was no other indication. I think it needs to be made more obvious after a a reboot that shield mode is enabled.

Hi rendez2k,

How about a bubble that pops up from the tray saying “Your computer is shielded. Any changes made in this session will be lost.” The intervals of the reminder can be configured (once per boot up or every 10 minutes) or even shut off entirely.

What do you think?

Yup that would work! Can the wallpaper not be kept though? Thats the most obvious reminder.

Hi rendez2k,

Don’t you mean that the wallpaper SHOULD be kept? Let me know.

I think leaving the wallpaper there serves as an important reminder to the user.

Yes, it should be kept!

Is the wallpaper fixed or can the user chose his own for what is being displayed?


You could add a modified icon to Windows Explorer indicating that a hard disk is shielded (alike HD Sentinel does).
Also the tray icon could be better and animated. IMHO it should show if there is any disk shielded and not only that the CDS is up and running.
Wallpaper changing by a user should be blocked when CDS is enabled and user chose a wallpaper reminder.
Right now user is allowed to change wallpaper which is ment to be a reminder.
Aslo CDS wallpaper reminder can be easily blocked by this Windows policy, which even Firefox doesn’t respect (WinXP).
Wallpaper should say that this computer is protected by Comodo’s Disk Shield, and not by Comodo only.

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