No new tests of comodo cis?

There are hardly any new comparative tests to be found concerning comodo, and I think it’s important that internet suits are tested to see how well they protect a PC.

I didn’t know this German website until now and there you can read (translated):

security: 5.0 of 5 points

function: 4.0

In addition to the game mode, I was also impressed by the flawless sandboxing and the powerful functions of the platform.
the company’s protected ?Auto Sandbox Technology?. During my test, it ran so smoothly that, apart from the Comodo graphics, I would not have noticed that a potentially suspicious program had been run in a virtual environment.
13th place out of 52 antivirus providers
Security expert and journalist
She was just a software engineer and has worked as a security expert and journalist for the past 10 years.

Comodo is still being actively tested by Checklab and SE Labs. Also NSS Labs is testing the Enterprise edition of Comodo once per year.

The test below comes from a trustworthy organization, they tested Comodo in March against 658 Malware samples and Comodo protected 100%.

The website you posted is associated with a Rogue Antivirus product called TotalAV, if I remember correctly. VirusTotal says the URL is clean though.

Thanks for this information! :-TU

I do wonder why the AV-Test institute is not testing Comodo anymore since a few months ago, though. There are also other institutes such as MRG Effitas and VirusBulletin VB100 which could be testing Comodo solutions. Having CIS being tested by other organizations would be welcome and is a good way to bring new users to Comodo.