No more posts at


You probably are very busy with lots of projects around you.
Actually thats very good for us.

Its been a while since you dont comment on something, regarding security topics.

I think its about time to hear it from you. Inspire us Melih! (:NRD)

Yeah. Havent really read anything from him recently.

Busy I guess.

Shouldn’t you have posted this in Melih’s Corner?

Normal users cannot start a new topic there.

You’re quite right. My apologies, I had forgotten that.

He posts now and again, so is active, plus he does run the company and the FB page etc,… but it would be nice for him to blog a bit more, and create a few new videos on Comodo TV. ;D

Yes, building an empire its not easy to build.
And even harder is to try to maintain it, and keep it running. ;D

I think Melih makes a great Job.

Though, we need to hear it from the King. :a0

Give him a kiss first than he’ll pop his out head and say hi :smiley: otherwise he might be too busy for the Melbourne Cup Day…now where Phar Lap when I needed him.