no more irp stack locations

installed the latest installer on a fresh copy of xp pro 32 sp2 full on my system. clean install on hardware that i knows runs extremely well. have tried it with and without the ms updates and this is the error i get each time:


the os barely has time to load the desktop before it reboots. the only way i can figure out how to get back to windows is to remove comodo antivirus from safe mode (read elsewhere others have issues, i don’t).

ms says this is an issue generated from trying to operate more than one antivirus program and they say they will send the program to fix it if you notify them of an email address…its been a week and still not even a confirmation.

i would really like to run this rather than avira so please help…perhaps just an older version would illiminate this for me or maybe i need to get vb runtime files first or ??

thanks in advance, going to try it again and check back.

haha got it! lol … ok here is the order of events that got it
fresh xp install
video driver install
msn live messenger
comodo anitvirus
disable start up group before reboot except comodo antivirus

don’t ask me why be nearly every combination i tried failed…reformatted and tried different combo, same thing…the only differences are the install of my vid card driver, msn live messenger and the killing of the start menu group (tried start menu group in other options with no luck). nothing else on here.

i don’t expect any replies, only added the info for the archives, hopefully i’ll be back more since the issues i had with hal.dll are prolly resolved by now. happy computing!

Hi msdomino

Glad you got it figured out. Yes the hal.dll is resolved. ;D