No more Firewall Alert ?

When i was first introduce to comodo i was like WOW this is the Best Firewall ever (and it’s still) because i was alerted of single connections IN or OUT but now with the new version i downloaded on 07/04/10 i don’t get anymore alerts even when my own FTP program i coded in C++ can open 1000 connections and Comodo Firewall will not alert.
Please help me, if i have to make some changes on the setings please tell me what to do.
OS: Windows XP Pro sp3
Comodo Firewall version: 4.0.138377.779

Please help me i want to get alerted for any connections.

2.What is that sandbox thing and it bring a lot of alert witch is kinda annoying

If I am correct sandbox is like a virtualized environment that you can run your programs in (especially if you are not sure if they are malicious).

I simply disabled sandbox.

I guess it has been whitelisted which is why you don’t get any alerts. Perhaps in the firewall settings you can click the option where it says create rules for safe applications.

Set your config to Proactive/Safe/Custom Policy then go to stealth ports wizard and select “alert me to incoming connections…”

This should make it behave like V3. :wink:

Interestingly, I have the exact problem, and telling the stealth ports wizard to make my ports stealth on a case-by-case status and alerting me of incoming connections does NOT solve the problem. Before I upgraded, the firewall would alert me EVERY time an application wanted to dial out if a rule didn’t exist for it. Unfortunately, even though i have the firewall alert level set to “very high”, it just blocks things silently. I even added an “ask to allow outgoing connections” rule to the All Applications group…but still no alerts. I have to try to run an app, then when it fails, go to the firewall log and see what’s getting blocked, and add a custom rule. Pain in the neck.

Any ideas? I’m stumped.

Edit: oddly, i just noticed that SOME applications with no rules DO fire the alerts…but others don’t…and i can’t figure out the reason.

I have noticed that earlier but didn’t follow up on it to make a bug report. Can you make a list of what applications for which you get alerted for and not?