no longer using your version of browser

I started getting no longer supported in your version of mozilla errors when I try to use websites. Tonight it happened again with Spotify. I love ID but why does it always seem like it takes forever to get updates so addons or websites don’t stop working.

Attached shows a copy of the about page of my browser. I don’t want to stop using your product, but if it keeps me from using addons and websites I enjoy I will begrudgingly switch.


Hey cre8melody2. We are sorry to hear that. We are working on a new version and hopefully we will release it this month.

Are you getting message from websites they think your browser is outdated? You can discard them and use the website. More often than not the website will work. The message the websites give tells they did not test with version and therefor they cannot guarantee you get the best experience… bla bla… etc…