No longer supported [RESOLVED]

This is great software.
It’s sad to see how great application is dying.
I can’t get certificate.
I hope that you will consider process of developing and release new version (:)) or even don’t make it discontinued.


[s]Sorry you had a problem - servers must have been temporarily down.

Have just checked and the certificate sign-up wizard is still working fine.

Mods and others and doubtless Comodo support are supporting this application, sorry that there has been a delay in response. I think the mod most expert in CSE has been away for a while. You can always email Comodo support with queries.

As for updates, this application is still in pretty good shape - it was well designed to start with.

But I agree some updates may now be needed, and I guess that an update is intended at some point.

Will try to enquire re intentions, though I may not get clear answers unless resources have already been allocated.

Best wishes


Comodo just announced that support is withdrawn. Sorry one and all.

Not discussed with mods in advance unfortunately. Sorry for any misinformation.


Hi all

Is Comodo Secure Email still usable. Even though support has been discontinued. I am having problems obtaining a certificate via set up wizard.

Is it worth trying to download the certificate seperately, or has this been discontinued also.


No you can get a free Comodo certificate still, via the standard free cert service. See Comodo web site.

Best wishes


I am telling you there is a market fora secure email program. The problem is that people do not know about Comodo products. I install Comodo on every computer that i work on. People love it. Comodo products are on all my family and friends computer systems.