No longer able to log in to Disqus or Kinja [Resolved]


I installed PrivDog when prompted to do so by this morning’s Comodo update. I’m now unable to log in to forums that use Disqus or Kinja; my browser now blocks the login process at the stage where the web browser (I use Firefox) would use the Facebook, Twitter, or Google profiles that I’ve associated with the forum accounts. LiveFyre forums seem to work fine for me, curiously.

I’ve uninstalled PrivDog and its associated browser addons and restarted my PC, but this has not restored my web browser to the full functionality it displayed before I installed your new software. Since the number of ads displayed exploded while PrivDog was running, I figure that your software was little more than a back door through the ad blockers I already had for advertisers who have contracted with you, so I’m never, ever installing PrivDog again. I would just like to know how to repair the damage that your app has done.

Very respectfully,
Someone who just paid his annual renewal fee two days ago.

Good Day

Just to clarify; You are using firefox, and once you installed Privdog you experienced hectic symptoms and once you uninstalled via Add/Remove you still experience the symptoms before. Correct?

Does Firefox (Safe Mode) / (Without Extensions) Work on those sites listed?


Disregard, I got it ironed out. Installing PrivDog also changed my browser settings. I went back and looked through those after uninstalling and reinstalling the Firefox browser had failed to correct the issue.

Thanks Reasor, I’m glad you have straightened it all out.
I will make sure a dev knows about this issue.

Issue Resolved by Reasor

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