No longer able to create new account

I was going to try cCloud again to see if the issues I reported to Comodo late last year have been corrected. When I tried to sign up, neither one of the Sign Up buttons work - they redirect right back to the login page.

If new potential users are no longer able to create an account, I wonder if this means that the service is being discontinued, or if a different product will be introduced.

Anybody know?

EDIT: I just now have noticed that I can’t find a link to Comodo Backup or Comodo Cloud from the home page. I seriously wonder if the products are in the process of being discontinued.

I was about to subscribe, really (100 GB). There are any news about Comodo Cloud backup service and backup application?

The Backup and cCloud projects are on hold for now. I found an older cCloud account that I had and was able to renew it for one month to see how it was working, and it is not good. The cCloud and cDrive applications have not been updated for Windows 10 and they crash Windows Explorer. Besides that, the upload speed was so slow that the service was completely unusable. It was roughly showing that a 2GB upload was going to take 9 hours.

Hopefully they will resume work on the backup service one day.