No logs

Just opened up CPF this morning after updating yesterday and there are no logs again - nothing from yesterday. There are still ~DFxxx.tmp files in the TEMP folder being left behind. There’s one now being used by CPF at 851K!

Where is CPF supposed to store the log file?
All the folders in “My Docs & settings\Application Data\Comodo” are empty. Is that normal? OK I don’t have the LaunchPad but the ResFiles and TempFiles folders in the Personal Firewall folder are empty.


I’m seeing the same thing, I shut down last night and this morning the logs were empty.

Could this be the “feature” where if you reboot your system, then all the CPF Log entries are lost? A way to check, or avoid, this is to manually shutdown CPF first before any reboot/shutdown.

Hey kail,

Actually when I reboot the computer the logs are still there. It’s just on shutdown/restart that the logs are lost.


Confused. Reboot OK… But, Restart not?


Hmm… I’ll put it another way. What’s the difference between a “reboot” & a “restart”?

OK, I think I see what the problem is. I had set the logs so I could see them for the last 7 days, after a restart it changes back to “today”. I switched it back to the last 7 days and the logs are there. (:TNG)

My logs start afresh each day. I always switch off at night and the next day the logs have gone.
I see no difference from previous version as regards this issue, I’m still collecting ~DFxxx.tmp files in my TEMP folder.

egemen? can you answer my questions above please? Are the logs supposed to be .tmp files in the TEMP folder?


After yesterday’s update I can’t see the day log either.
Reboot didn’t help :o

In that case, I repeat. Before you shutdown/reboot/restart your system, this time right click the CPF icon in the systray & select exit. You’ll be prompted by CPF, just click “Yes”. When you boot again, you should notice that CPFs logs are still there.

This being the case, it’s a known problem. Egemen & Co are working on it.

I did that.
I can’t see the day log :’(

Sorry. But, could you expand on that a little.


I did exactly the way you advised: exit CPF before restarting the
After the system started again the log window was clear. The 7 day log can
be seen but the last day of the log is September 28th. The CPF update was
on September 29th. In spite of all this Window Connections show that the
firewall is working.
My OS is WindowsXP SP2, 2 users
Before update the firewall had been working fine without any problems for
a week.
What other details could I provide?

Sorry, I think you may have misunderstood me. This will not bring back the log entries once they have been lost. It only stops them from becoming lost in the first place.

O-o-o, yes!
Now I undestand, it’s really so.
I block all in network monitor and log started working!