no load zone

yo. ok so the issue is that when i open dragon nothing will load. just stays at the about blank page. i try loading pictures, saved pages, websites nothing. when i try looking for something in the main bar it still provides suggestions. not even the home button works.
thanks, bubba

p.s. usin windows xp sp2.

The same happened to me. I installed CD on my home computer and there is no problem. Then I tried it on my work computer and it did not work. First I thought it could be blocked by our IT admins but then I tried to use Chrome and it worked fine. I also tried to use cell phone internet access and WiFi access and CD still does not works. We have Windows Vista Business 32 bit at work and we connect to Internet through a proxy.

Verify your firewall :wink:

Installed in three computers, they all are working like a sharm.