No internetaccess at start

Hi there.

New to the forum - i tried to find a solution, but no luck.

The problem is that, when i start the computer, i have to go into network settings and make an “diagnose and repair” connection, before being able to access the internet. It happens after the installation of Comodo intenet security (free). I am using Vista sp1 and the Windows firewall is off. I use the latest CIS.


so the problem is your internet wont work or that you have to go an around about way to get there??


A little hard to explain, but i’ll try. When i start the pc, the internet-connection is not avaiable. When i go into “network-connections”, i do an “diagnose network connection”, it tells me that it needs to “renew” the connection (or something like that (i’m at work right now)) - i confirm that and after that, the connection is OK again? The problem was not there, before the installation of CIS.

I think i said no to something about “new private network detected”, perhaps that could be the problem.


CHECK IT HERE COMODO INTERNET SECURITY > FIREWALL > ADVANCED > NETWORK SECURITY POLICY > and scroll until you see one you blocked early on that has to do with network or internet… CLICK on EDIT and where says BLOCK change the setting and hit apply or ok… Restart and see if that works??

Hi grfxdzine.

Thanks for the answer - i’ll try it, when i’m home from work.


if that doesnt work go back in and change everything back and then repost here…