No Internet Connection When Firewall is installed!!!

Hi everyone reading my post,

I am having the following situation at the moment:
I had Comodo Firewall installed after a fresh installation of Vista x64.
After the installation of Comodo Firewall (optimum defense) the network flips. It sais: Connected to Unidentified Network in my Network Center Screen (very strange cause it’s still the same cable in my pc). So, I uninstalled Comodo Firewall. Suddenly my network works like a charm. Is there some fix for this? Or is this some sort of a bug: Vista not recognizing Comodo Firewall as a legal Network Driver so No Network Connection Grantend?

Hopefully someone has an answer to my question!

Cheerio, Tom


Try Installing It Once More… It Happens Few times with my installations of vista…

Do you have uac enabled?