No Internet Connection After Update (5.12)

I recently reformatted my PC and reinstalled Comodo Firewall and Defense+ from an installer I’d had lying around for a while. I’m not entirely certain which version it was. Regardless, not long after getting it set up there were naturally updates. I applied them and restarted, and I no longer had internet access. The only way to restore it was to turn on the IPsec Policy Agent service, which I had disabled before the update and had no connection issues with. If I turn the service off again, the connection drops off once more.

I’m fairly certain I’ve set up all my rules and services and whatnot as I had them before the format, where I had no issues. Full version number is 5.12.256249.2599. I highly doubt something has changed to make CFW require the IPsec service to be running. Is this a bug that occurred in updating, or an option I’ve checked somewhere in my settings that’s making the Firewall unhappy post-update that it was okay with before?

Quick aside, I stepped away from the PC a while to let it work on updating/installing some of my games, and came back to several missed requests to connect by a cis5abc.exe. Going to Comodo’s licensing servers, from a quick lookup I did so I assume it’s a Comodo spawned exe, but I could no longer find it and it seemed to have given up on whatever it was doing. Is this related somehow?