No internet access after installing COMODO [SOLVED]

I cannot access the internet after installing COMODO firewall, even if the firewall is turned off or shut down completely. This means that no programs can connect to the internet, not even COMODO Firewall itself (e.g. when updating).
The only thing that helps is going to network properties and disabling “COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver”, which probably negates the functionality of the firewall, therefore it’s not a solution. I’m on a fresh installation of Win7 HP, however before reinstalling Win I’ve been using COMODO Firewall for almost 2 years without any problems on this exact same system.
What am I doing wrong?

Run diagnostics…
Set FW to Training mode and/or Defense+ to Clean PC mode…

Seems like we’re moving in the right direction - now I can connect, however there’s still a message in the UI that “The network firewall is not functioning properly”, but running diagnostics doesn’t help - “did not find any problems” etc. Do I need to worry about this? The exclamation mark is kinda unnerving.

SOLVED thanks to .
It was originally for v3, but applied in this situation too. Seems like v5 still doesn’t handle junctions and/or symbolic links very well.