No image showing for UserTrust


Signed up for UserTrust and validated my site, however when adding the code no image is showing up.

Via testing the JS code it looks like it is just pulling up a 1x1 clear gif.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong?


Hi Dave,
Did you signup @ UserTrust for a website other than ?

Nope, that was the only one! It is showing in the control panel, and it is validated.

Pasted code exactly as shown - for the white logo!

Any ideas?

What domain validation method did you use (by email or by uploading file)?

UserTrust logo for this domain will be displayed on your site in 5 mins.


Thank you - Usertrust image now displaying.

I tried to use URL validation - I created the correct filename but it could not find it. So I went e-mail validation method and it seemed to work ok.



I have exactly the same issue, but I have been unable to get Comodo to fix this.

I signed up on 5 February 2008 and validated that same day by clicking on a link e-mailed from Comodo.

The site is showing in control panel as having been validated, but the image will simply not show.

I have sent 12 e-mails to Comodo Support over the previous 5 weeks, and have got nowhere.

I even created a separate page on the approved site which only had the Comodo-supplied code on it, correctly placed in the head and body sections. Still no show.

I note your post about e-mail validation, but I can’t see how to do this or the correct e-mail address to use.

I would be most grateful for any advice which will resolve this very tedious issue.

I forwarded this to the relevant people.
i am sure we will get a resolution soon.

Can you provide me the URL of that test page?


blackpanther, UserTrust logo for your domain will be displayed in 5 minuts.

Many thanks indeed. UserTrust certificate is now showing.